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Craft beer breweries, this is how to increase your sales

Small companies don't have the human resources to do everything, but with some tips, you can increase your sales.

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Craft breweries in the beer market are like startups in the tech world. Probably most of them will be closed, and some will get bigger and small amount will get acquired by larger breweries.
The beer market is booming. Thousands of breweries founded each month. Manufacturing a beer is easy, producing a good beer is hard. For this article, I assume you create a good beer
How do you get your brand to stand out? How do you get more sales?

Branding is everything

It starts with your brand name, logo, website and yes, your social network. We need to remember that we are living in a digital world. Your consumers are always taking their mobile phone to the bar.

What about your brand on a glass?

Customer support

When you add a “contact me” section at your website, it means you should answer to people writing to you. You don’t know when a good partnership will come up. If you don’t answer, you harm your business and your brand.

Beer Ambassadors

Do you know you can track people talking about your brand on social media (Twitter, Facebook)? Contact them, send them beer and even invite them to your brewery to taste the new flavor. Let’s face it. You don’t have a sales person. You need people to help you. By building a network of ambassadors, you will see that people will come to you instead of you chasing them.

Face to face meeting

Don’t underestimate in a face to face meeting. You can reach buyers via email and phone call, but you want them to drive your business. Meet with them when you can. Invite them to lunch, be nice. You want them to remember you and your brand when they have new space.

Point of sale

You need people to be familiar with your brand. The point of sale is the best place to show your brand. You need to have a tap with your brand on it. You need to have a branded glass so that people will drink your brand inside your branded glass. If the bar lets you, you can give them table tents, coasters, and stickers.


Large companies always fail on adapting technology. As a craft brewery, you are faster and should always use any technology that can help you. Don’t be afraid of technology embrace it.

Some examples:
Wiessbeerger - bridge the gap between the brewery and the final consumer, providing the supplier with revolutionary access to consumption trends, beer quality, and bar inventory via a simple kit installed in the bar. Breweries can now control dynamic promotions, actively manage inventory, and understand market dynamics. Best of all, this information is made available to breweries through an intuitive dashboard that allows suppliers to make real-time, data-driven decisions.
Video -

Glassify – A marketing platform that helps breweries and bars to know their Customers for the first time. Their solution is perfect for craft beers. You just need to make sure your beverage support Glassify technology (glass, bottle or can) and they will open for you a dashboard that tracks your consumers. They even give you the ability to send them notifications about your brand.
Video -

Steadyserv – Draft management system that enables you to view and analyze your retail location’s draft beer data on any device.


Create lots of content in your social networks account. Articles on your day to day job, pictures of your, your brewery, employees, and consumers drinking your brand.
Please make sure your website built the right way (SEO). You want people to find you when they search your brand name on Google.
You need to learn on advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook ads or Glassify marketing platform to drive people to drink your brand.

Another cool product is Google Alert - It gives you the ability to get a link every time someone writes about your brand (or any text that you will decide)


Open Google and search for beer events where you can present your beer. If you have the time, you need to create your event for your brand. Building a brand is hard. People love to hear music and drink beer.
Try to sponsor events near your brewery.


Organize games where consumers can win something from you. Visit the brewery including a taste of new flavor. Maybe sending them 12 bottles before a big sports game. Be creative!

We’ve provided you with some great ideas, now get out there and sell that beer!

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